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Effective September 25, 2020 Demco has transitioned its Boopsie mobile app division to Solus UK Ltd. Boopsie customers will be contacted individually by Solus to discuss the transition of their Boopsie subscription over to the Solus Library App.

Who is Solus UK Ltd.?

Solus was founded by two Scottish entrepreneurs, Neil Wishart, CEO and Andrew Daye, CTO.  

They worked hard to understand the needs of public libraries and public librarians. Working with key players in Scotland’s Library and Information landscape, especially Edinburgh (Scotland’s capital city) they launched the UK’s first-ever innovative Public Library App.

In 2013 they brought on board Liz McGettigan – an early adopter and a prominent Scottish Librarian, Past President of CILIPs and Co-Chair of Internet Librarian International.

In 2015, the company created a joint venture with Sanzap, Ltd. in Melbourne Australia and has seen widespread adoption of the Library app in Australia and New Zealand. In 2018, Solus hired John Richardson, industry veteran to manage Solus growth in the US and Canada.

The company has now gone on to become the largest supplier of Library apps globally, white labelling the app for several ILS/LMS suppliers. The products are unique, class leading, innovative and continually evolving. SOLUS is now the global leader in delivering affordable mobile apps to libraries, now serving over 5,600 library locations on 5 continents. Over 1.4 billion searches have been performed with the SOLUS app, enriching library members around the world in over 20 languages.

Why Solus UK as the buyer?

 Demco researched the market and ascertained that the Library App from Solus UK (also known as BLUECloud Mobile for SirsiDynix customers) was by far and away the global market leader, surpassing the number of installations and features over Communico’s Engage, OCLC’s Capira and MyLibro, Chilifresh and LibraryThing among others.

 Additionally, the Solus team has global server deployments in various countries to aid in insuring Patron privacy – that the data resides in the home country. A review of the Solus technology infrastructure provided a comfort to the Executive team at Demco that the transition will provide an immediate upgrade of patron functionality, is scalable, secure and is leading edge.


Bob Lincoln, Library Systems Administrator (A former Boopsie customer!) Carver County, Minnesota, USA

“We have received very positive results from our patrons. We currently have more users now in two months than we had with the previous App in seven years. This is great!”

    Mobile App Functionality

    Will we lose any current Boopsie functionality when moving over to the Solus Library App?

    No! In fact, Boopsie customers will receive a wealth of new functionality with the new app including, but not limited to:

    • A Content Management System (CMS), allowing libraries to modify their own content such as logos, color schemes, hours of operation, opening days, icons in the app, languages offered to patrons, surveys, links to various collections, links to local resources, etc.
    • Elimination of bibliographic exports as the Library App is API-based export of and provides item availability in real-time
    • Digital library card with the ability to link family members or authorized (by the Library), non-members for elder care, or other.
    • Ability to renew a single item or renew all
    • Ability to cancel a hold or cancel all
    • Ability to suspend a hold
    • Ability for patrons to modify their own order of menu options on their device
    • Ability for patrons to utilize multiple devices (smartphone, tablet(s), etc.) on the same account
    • Monthly statistics report is automatically mailed at the end of each month

    COVID-19 Functionality

    • A curbside pick-up offering called Click-and-Collect included at no additional cost.

    Will this cost us any extra in our annual subscription?

    No, Demco was able to negotiate that existing Boopsie customers will not be charged any additional fees for the migration, except for 2 add-on options (discussed next).

    What additional options are there from Solus for additional cost?

    Consortia Templates

    For Consortia customers, there is the ability for member libraries to have their own “template”, which provides them with the ability to:

    • Manage their own content via the CMS for their library only
    • Have their logo, color schemes, fonts, etc. for consistent branding
    • Provide access to locally purchased/subscribed content outside of what the Consortia has subscribed to
    • Link to their own calendar or event program

    There is a one-time setup fee and an annual maintenance fee for each template.

    Patron Self Service options include:

    1. Barcode checkout/checkin
    2. RFID checkout/checkin (with no additional hardware required)

    There is a one-time setup fee and annual maintenance fee for each location that wishes to deploy this functionality.

    Why should a Boopsie customer simply take the Solus Library app vs. going out to the market?

    Of course, libraries are welcome to go through that evaluation process, but we believe that once you’ve done your due diligence, you will come to the same conclusion that Demco did, in that Solus is offering best-of-breed in the Library App space. Plus, as a reminder, the upgrade is being provided at no additional cost.

    Our Library has been looking at curbside pick software options from other suppliers, what is Solus offering in this regard?

    There are several suppliers that are offering an appointment-based curb-side pickup module for a one-time or annual fee. The Solus Click-and-Collect is not based on appointments, but rather similar to how consumers are picking up groceries, Home Depot orders, food orders, etc. The patron informs the library they are coming to pick up their material via the app and the Solus software has a very efficient workflow process for checking out the materials and preparing them for pickup. This functionality is being deployed live in libraries in September and is provided at no additional cost.

    What are the timelines for the change-over?

    Solus and Demco will be working on transferring libraries over as fast and efficiently as possible. We will be contacting each one of you and planning a migration strategy.


    Effective immediately, Solus UK will be responsible for future subscription billings for the Library App. Solus will be reaching out to your known billing/invoicing contact at each customer’s site. If you know there has been a change in that contact person, please contact John Richardson (JR) at: jr@sol.us with name of institution, department, name, email and phone number.

    Will our subscription costs increase with this change over?

    No, only if the optional elements are subscribed to.


    How does support work?

    Support tickets are sent to Solus via servicedesk@sol.us and staff hours are 9am – 5pm Monday-Friday, except public holidays.

    Still have questions?

    Please feel free to contact us by using the form below: 

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